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One of the many facets of the preparedness community is the terminology or lingo used to describe certain aspects of prepping or preparedness activity.  Much of the prepper lingo is a series of acronyms that often are straight to the point, just brief in spelling.  A couple of acronyms are derived from the military and are used to clean up the language a bit.

Okay, lets take a short look at Prepper Lingo 101.  Here’s the most well used terms in the prepper repertoire:

ANTS – Americans Networking To Survive.  A survival network of individual preppers committed to providing supplies when a disaster strikes.

BOB – Bug Out Bag:  This is a duffle bag or back pack equipped with essential emergency supplies that can be quickly accessed if you have to move to another location.

BOHICA – Bend Over, Here I Come Again.  Communication slur to announce a repeated maneuver. 

BOL – Bug Out Location:  Where you will rally for your primary or secondary location.

BOV – Bug Out Vehicle.  The transportation type you will use to get to your BOL.

Bug In – When an individual or group decides to stay put to ride out a disaster.  

Bug Out - Another word for evacuate. 

COMMS – Short for the use of communications.

EDC – Everyday Carry.  What armament a person may carry on their person on a daily basis.


FAK – First Aid Kit.


FUBAR – Fouled UBeyond All Repair.  Can be used as a expletive when a situation or equipment is beyond recovery or ability to repair.


GHB – Get Home Bag.  Bag or backpack stocked with essentials kept at work, school or in a vehicle.  Reserve supplies needed until you reach your primary location or rally point.


GOOD – Get Out ODodge.  Basically, get out of the town or location you are in.  An act of evacuation.


HDR – Humanitarian Daily Ration.  This is a reduced portion of the MRE.  HDR’s are used primarily by international relief organizations and government relief to areas in which some foods are not accepted due to culture or religious beliefs.  Contains no animal meat or by products.


HX - History.  Refers to the background information of a situation.  Also used to refer to medical history.


INCH – I ANever Coming Home.  Sometimes referred to the type of BOB you are preparing.  In essence, you are taking the absolute essentials with the knowledge you may not be returning to your home due to crisis.


Multi-Tool - A combination tool or survival knife which may include several types of tools.  For instance, knife blade(s), screwdriver, file, can opener, pliers, etc.


MRE – Meal Ready to Eat.  This is a military ration of food.  Typically the shelf life is for several years.  The contents are sealed in a tough plastic wrapper.  Various types of foods can be MREs.  MREs are typically found in BOB for when you have to Bug Out.


NBC – Nuclear Biological Chemical.  Refers to an disaster event involving nuclear, chemical or biological means.  Also can refer to the equipment necessary to survive such a disaster.


OPSEC – Operational Security.  A critical component of the preparedness community.  Meaning to assure that logisitical, personal and location information is kept private to maintain the integrity of a preparedness plan.


ORP – Optimal Rally Point or Operational Rally Point. A key location designated to mobilize for a disaster.


PSK – Personal Survival Kit.  Essential tools and necessities used for survivalist methods.


SHTF – Shit Hits The Fan.  This refers to a the occurrence of a serious disaster or crisis.  In some regards this may be more of a local or regional disaster.  Although if its TEOTWAWKI, then SHTF really means a dire situation.


TEOTWAWKI – The End OThe World AWKnow It.  This means a catastrophic world event has occurred.  In many regards, this refers to the possible end of civilization or humanity.


WWL – World Without Law.  Referring to a total breakdown of society.  The scenario where the laws as we know it today do not exist.


The preparedness community continues to grow its lingo as time goes by and as new methods/equipment are introduced.


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  2. Draven

    I’ve been meeting with several groups in the Maryland and Virginia areas and have noticed that each group has special expertise. For example, I’ve found medical professionals in Maryland who could provide supplies and expertise in the medical field and bee keepers in one of the Virginia groups. Some have big gardens and others have an abundance of construction supplies. I am considering putting together a communications and supply transferring link such as the Pony Express or the postal service. If we were to undergo a major event, we could use a link system to allow for communications and barter between groups. If communications systems were down or fuel was unavailable, we would need a runner or rider to bridge the distances between groups. Has anyone done any research into this possibility?

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