Mar 26

Prepper meetup groups in Virginia


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  1. Charles Giese

    Hello all,
    Starting a group in the Roanoke ,Va.Vally.
    It is a Militia ,Preparedness type .If interested and in or around this area
    please contact me at charles.giese@yahoo.com
    Yours in Preparedness

  2. Sharon

    We are a small family farm in Winchester, VA. We specialize in raising meat rabbits on pasture, decreasing the need for pelletized feed. Rabbits are a great match for preppers as they reproduce quickly and require very little space. http://skyviewacres.blogspot.com/2013/02/preppers-and-rabbits.html

  3. Fran

    Trying to find out if there is any interest for a group in the Northern Neck, VA?

    1. Matt

      Yes. I was researching how to start a group in and around Kilmarnock.

    2. Jaqueline

      Tried this with Virgin network and HTC Explorer. Could not get it to work at first. But noeitcd putting on wireless hotspot stopped the internet working! Turned off connect to the internet , turned it back on and away it went.Thanks for your tip

  4. Spunky

    My address is Warrenton, NC, but I live at the Virginia / North Carolina State Line — not too far from US 1 or I-85. I would like to meet up with fellow preppers as I am a widow with a 22 year old daughter living with me and I feel I need some emotional support. My daughter is all for it, so no problem with her. I need all the education I can get from fellow preppers. In a way, I have been somewhat of a minor prepper all my life (necessity), but have really begun getting organized the last couple of months.

  5. Draven

    I’m Draven and I live in Manassas. I started an emergency preparedness group in my community and would like to meet other preppers in this area.

    1. Draven

      I live in Manassas and am looking for preppers in my area.

    2. Chloe

      I’ve been unable to use the Wi-Fi hpstoot for over a year, assuming it was poor signal causing the problem (I’ve only had half a dozen occasions to need to try it in that time!). When I realised it was an actual problem with the phone, a Google search brought me here, and the problem’s fixed in minutes thank you!

  6. Bladerunner

    I didn’t see any mention on here, but there is a Prepper Group in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater. The group is Hampton Roads Preppers, pasted in below is the groups website over on “Meetup.com”.


    The group has existed for a little over a year, but has recently transitioned to a new organizer. The first meeting of the group will be on 16 November at the NW River Park in Chesapeake, VA at 0900-1200. This is characterized as an “ice breaker” for new and old members and to provide a forum to discuss the groups “way ahead”.

  7. alex

    This is a long shot but I am a carpenter in winchester, va trying to put my skills to use for like minded people. If you are looking to have a bunker custom built or any type of bugout structure/building built, I would like to help. My team and I a very experienced in all areas of contruction and go by it in a proffesional manor. I will personally come and have a free consultation/evaluation of what you are looking to have done and put it into realistic terms. Please feel free to email me anytime at a_m_homeremodel at yahoo dot com .

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